Alternately, or additionally, the buffered channel input data may include encoder-specific parameters that describe the content to be encoded. Completely Skin and Programable incl. According to various embodiments, the channel description information may be transmitted to the client device via a communications interface operable to transmit information over a network. Real transport stream recording of complete transponders 5 optional in ts, mpg, m2v or pva. In some cases, they may also include an independent processor and, in some instances, volatile RAM.

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Windows me, windowswindows XP, mac os 8. For instance, data from the activated channel content source is encoded by the virtual encoderwhile data from the activate channel content source is encoded by the virtual encoder According to particular embodiments, a system suitable for implementing particular embodiments of the present invention includes a processora memoryan interfaceand a bus e.

According to various embodiments, data received from a channel content source may be encoded for transmission to client devices. In some embodiments, the second ad period is determined to be consecutive to the first ad pc and set to play immediately following the first ad period.

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In some embodiments, only a subset of the original ads, not including the entire set, are replaced by replacement ads. In particular embodiments, source data from a single live streaming content source may be encoded in any of various ways. In some embodiments, once an ad indicator is detected, an application on the client device contacts an ad network and gets information about what ad or ad playlist for a series of ads to play.

In some embodiments, one configuration parameter may indicate a media content source for receiving new live streaming media channel input data for encoding. In some embodiments, fetching a small portion of the live media stream is sufficient for determining the presence of a consecutive ad indicator because emsg boxes must be one of the first boxes in the segments.


Talk with Supplier X. For example, a system uses a processor in a variety of contexts. A media content system may make a number of media content streams available for viewing upon request by users. For instance, the channel deactivation threshold may be designated by a system administrator.

Caching system and method supporting improved trick mode performance in video decoding systems.

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In some embodiments, cmobo small portion is fetched at a time near the beginning of the ad period. In various embodiments, if a consecutive ad period is detected, then the system plays another replacement ad or series of ads instead of the original ad content in the live media stream, and delays resuming fetching of the live media stream.

For example, the techniques of the present invention will be described in the context of particular content streams, mobit, and encoding mechanisms. The app then causes the client device to start downloading a. The system recited in claim 11, wherein the size of the fetched portion of the live media stream is within the range of 50 bytes to 10 kilobytes, inclusive.

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Search Expert Search Quick Search. According to various embodiments, monitoring may be performed for any activated live streaming media channel. According to various embodiments, a client device receiving streaming media content ccombo from the on-demand media system may receive the data as a mobbitv of segments or fragments. As with the first ad period, movitv some embodiments, only some of the original ads are replaced. Thus, in such embodiments, the ID3 tags are not encrypted and the extraction of the same can work in a similar manner as described above with regards to DASH protocol and emsg boxes.


In such embodiments, even for encrypted content, where the Common Encryption Format is used, there are no issues since the signaling is sent in the clear, in contrast to the audio-visual data.

Digital media presentation system. A non-transitory computer readable medium having instructions stored thereon for performing a method, the method comprising: For instance, a user may provide user input at a mobile device indicating a live streaming media channel to access.

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The system recited in claim 11, wherein the subsequent ad indicator also indicates a stop point for the second ad period in the live media stream.

EPG – an electronic program guide. Ata channel deactivation threshold for the live streaming media channel is identified.

Reference will now be made in detail to some specific examples of the invention including the best modes contemplated by the inventors for carrying out the invention. MobiDRM agent, can be used to make extraction of data from encrypted segments possible. However, one of ordinary skill in the art appreciates that various modifications and changes can be made without departing from the scope of the invention as set forth in the claims below.