I need help with that answer! Although in guitar center they have listed it does Step on the FET Driver to thicken up your lead tone with musical, amp-like distortion and sustain without the fragility and inconsistency associated with tubes. Oct 15, 4. At least with my setup it is. I actually like the Fet Driver a lot.

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Share This Page Tweet. It’s the surface mount version of it. Or neither of them do and have passive EQ? I had the non-JB version. Bonamassz chip is still a in the regular version. This man deserves a medal. IDK about the circuit or tone differences, or if they are truly different vonamassa all in their tone-producing circuitry, but I found the original black JB way too bass heavy, fuzzy, and the bass control was super touchy- either too much or too little, never had a sweet spot.

The thing with the EQ is that it boosts only. OotMagrootOct 17, Home Forums Recent Posts.


Thank you for not just saying “they sound different when the knobs are the same so they must be different”, like too many people here. Add a link like this: Does this mean they both have active EQ? I would kill to have a version that bonamzssa smoother and had tighter bass. Oct 15, 3. Just to check I wasn’t going mad, I popped bonamasssa backs off and sure enough, there are some clear differences.

I’m going to cet a regular FET Driver soon, as I really love the tone, but maybe the sig model is better? Yes, my password is: There’s probably more but these ones are obvious, even to my untrained eye. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel.

MXR FET Driver IS different to Joe Bonamassa Signature FET Driver | The Gear Page

Commenting and editing is limited to members of the Equipboard community. It was extremely hard for me to dial out fuzzy, boosted bottom end. They are not bonamaswa at all. Diodes d3 and D4 are in the JB but I can’t see them on the regular version A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. That’s a hard sound to achieve.


MXR FET Driver IS different to Joe Bonamassa Signature FET Driver

The LO control was way too sensitive. Joe Bonamassa Official Store. I have a feeling that people who don’t like this pedal treat the EQ like other pedals.

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Oct 17, Guess that is the difference between the custom shop model and the regular one. J have a couple of pedals with active EQ, they are amazing!

My question is are both version active EQ? The JB Signature version has a definite extra clarity and smoothness.

Teleman76Oct 15, Oct 15, 9.