Thank you for the driver! Hopefully it will be fixed in that release. Wednesday, May 6, 8: I discovered that it makes a big difference whether or not a newer version of the Intel Unified Graphics are installed like when manually added from Windows 7. Maybe the final version might even support aero for Intel drivers…who knows. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. Hang on a sec.

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This way a driver for the dell wlan card will be fetched automatically.

Klemen February 23, at 4: My m is still waiting. I have been puzzlin this for a week now waiting for Google to catch up with it, and sure wdddm you did.

Older Intel® Graphics Controllers and Windows Vista*

However, on the reset I get the blue screen and have to restore to last known good startup. Mark June 9, at 3: I got it using DriverMax.

I tried several ways to hack the Vista version of the driver into my installation, all without success — it always defaulted back to the default VGA drivers, wdem discussion here if you are interested. Patrick March 4, at Jow February 17, at 7: On Tue, 20 Sep Mike January 17, at Ron February 10, at 4: I’m going to test the driver hack in a while, I’ll tell you if I succeeded. Back to default drivers, I guess. I used account that already has administrator priviledges.


Shouldn’t Microsoft be aiming to keep backward compatibility for most, if not all of the devices that are in the market right now?

Legacy Display Drivers on Windows 8 – specifically intel gm

I’ll try it later when I have more free time! So this is no driver problem.

I highly reccomend the lexxion solution at the address which others have already published but which I will repeat. This way a driver for the dell wlan card will be fetched automatically; 2. I was going to have to go back to XP. MacMaultier January 14, at Win7 runs like a champ on the laptop aside from the video display….

General OS questions Locked.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Intel® / Graphics Controller Family

Finally I found the combination that could bring down my Latitude D with gm chipset: It found 8555 chipset called the Intel corporation Magicone embedded Gcontrol and downloaded a driver written by Microsoft that is so compatible it is not funny! No registered users and 0 guests. Drivers installed with Windows Update driver search.


wvdm I also vlited this build down to 1. Any other tricks to try? There are posts saying that Intel GM works with full acceleration in the new build — no freezing, no major problems. Andy Kam April 6, at 2: Enjoy Windows 7 at full resolution.

Redistribution of driver software is not something Microsoft or Intel tend to concern themselves with. Island Tom August 10, at 7: Friday, April 24, 6: