Consumers having hands-free voice conference calls, video-chats, or in-vehicle telephone calls enjoy natural and full-duplex conversations. Fortemedia’s low power processors easily cancel 65dB of acoustic or nonlinear echo and 25dB of non-stationary noise required in mobile hands-free environment. To date, Sensory’s technologies have shipped in over half a billion units of leading consumer products. In addition to a Master’s degree and Ph. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software and services targeting enterprise, home, mobility, health, consumer Internet and semiconductor manufacturing. Media Contact Kishore Moturi pr fortemedia.

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Therefore, automotive built-in, Bluetooth-based, hands-free communication systems have been steadily increasing.

For multiple-microphone systems Fortemedia supports flexible microphone placements both in the car console and in traditional car cabin overhead locations.

Multiple languages are supported and proprietary, and pre-defined key phrases can be developed in conjunction with Sensory, Inc. As of October ofFortemedia has introduced 8 IC products to the market and shipped more than 55 millions units of products.

The voice processing technology, SAMSoft G6, includes features like acoustic echo cancellation, ambient noise suppression, keystroke noise suppression, far-field pick-up and more. Intel thin notebooks also incorporated Fortemedia Small Array Microphone technology Fortemedia’s innovative ideas and technology in noise-free communication technology have been widely recognized by the industry.

October 10, – Fortemedia Inc. Features such as beam-forming can pinpoint the location of the person speaking, picking up only voice from speaker while blocking out ambient unwanted noises.

Fortemedia’s voice processing technology package provides enhancements to both receiving and transmitting voice paths, and is fully integrated into Lenovo’s communication utility. Over this time, Samsung has been audi Fortemedia solutions in a variety of its mobile communication and consumer products. We are glad and look forward to continuously extending our partnership with Samsung.


Fortemedia’s Advanced Microphone Array Processing AMAP is a hybrid voice processing system that combines spatial filtering, source separation and adaptive statistical akdio processing to deliver advanced voice and audio capabilities to consumer electronic devices.

Excellent RF immunity addresses concern about The ForteVoice combines advanced voice-tracking and beam-forming, as well as a speech feature extraction, to outperform competing solutions on both incoming and outgoing calls.

ForteMedia — Listen and Sound Better. Anywhere!

FM is suitable for other applications such as laptop foremedia, tablets, smart TVs or “infotainment” systems for automobiles. With AMAP Fortemedia provides critical communication enhancement functions for mobile devices functions consisting of:.

Lee’s leadership in the cellular telecommunications field. Features such as beam-forming can pinpoint the location of the person speaking, picking up only voice from speaker while blocking out unwanted ambient noises.

Company Overview

Foftemedia also eliminates the need for a dedicated voice processing DSP, saving space in an already crowded smart phone. Wtih in-depth fortemsdia that the characteristics, size, placement, and boot design of microphone sensors significantly impacts product performance and time-to-market for customers, Fortemedia has been collaborating with microphone vendors to address aforementioned issues and to provide the best solution for its customers. The product is expected to start sampling in Q2 and MP audjo Q3, In addition to providing a superior voice experience during hands-free phone calls, the FM and FM offer a voice recognition enhancement mode, that assists Automatic Speech Recognition systems to provide better error-free performance when operating in the challenging car cabin environment.

Our products are equally successful in automotive markets as well as in mobile phone and laptop markets,” said Paul Huang, CEO and chairman of Fortemedia Inc.



Differing from broadside array microphone, SAM’s unique cone shaped beam can effectively suppress ambient interferers and noises from typing, hard disk or optical drive spinning and notebook fan.

Fortemedia’s products have been broadly used in automotive, personal navigation devices, mobile, NB, and VoIP phone applications. Users of the new Coolpad Quattro 4G phone will have their voice understood easily, and Fortemedia’s new chip also audik the voice to make it stand out from background noise in the environment, allowing for ease of talking and foretmedia.

Fortemedia will showcase and exhibit new technologies in an invitation only private suite at the Grand Hyatt, room The company is located fortemedla Taiwan and owns production facilities in China. At the same time, we see increasing adoption of new use cases, resulting in compelling user experiences,” said Dr. It is highly effective in providing: Proven by numerous cortemedia stories and millions of deployments, Fortemedia’s SAM technology offers excellent performance in noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation by its unique beam forming on voice inputs and non-linear adaptive filtering technologies.

The high performance Acoustic Echo Cancellation on the FM also makes it suitable for other hands-free voice applications such as VoIP and conferencing products. This announcement gives our customers greater flexibility to apply Fortemedia’s leading-edge voice processing solutions across their product range. Product Product Fortemedia is the industry leader in voice processing frotemedia. October 27, – Fortemedia Inc.