A window popped up for me at this point asking which software the chip was using. Using the -b option next time with gpsd prevents gpsd writing to the dongle. Hopefully you have the PL driver and it says sometime like mine: Red spots are week and green strong signals and yellow in the middle the Signal to Noise Ratio SNR is also listed for each satellite. The issue with the markers should be resolved shortly

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Not all GPS models have a socket for an external antenna, but if they do it is usually an MCX socket, so you would need to fit an MCX plug to the external antenna cable.

I’ll let you know.

USB GPS Dongle for Notebook, Laptop, UMPC

Using the -b option next time with gpsd prevents gpsd writing to the dongle. This receiver is suitable for all the applications of a traditional GPS receiver including planning your trip before you head out or finding your location while you are camping. I have a program on my fps called Mobile PC. It no longer could pass for Christmas decoration.

I selected different regions at a time and downloaded to a zoom level of 5 and to the best google could do for some towns I wanted. Your pictures look amazing.

I still don’t know when I am going to India, but it probably will be mid October now. Let me know, anyone, if you found any of this information useful. Data output by this GPS receiver include: Just to clarify, are you saying that your laptop has a GPS receiver built into it?


Hi, Yes I am in India – in Phaltan at the moment. I’ll drop you an email if I pass by your way.

Wholesale USB GPS Receiver – USB Dongel From China

Orders processed and shipped within hours 12 month warranty In-house QC Member discounts Award winning customer support Quantity order discounts Worldwide Shipping Certification: Hopefully plenty of exciting gibberish will cvgo-b07 past your eyes and you might even catch a glimpse of some text saying that it has locked onto a Satellite. This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software – however hardware cvgi-b70 software such as Garmin may not run on this unit.

Introduction This is not part of my travel diaries, but it is part of my preparation of going to India. Transform your laptop into a GPS navigator! The only configuration I had to do was to create a soft link to the COM port: You can download it from this link. Question is, I want to run the mobile PC program thats on my computer, to do this currently I gpss my Gps into the usb port and it works, now I would like to able to use the antenna I have acquired.

An internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery sustains the internal clock and memory and is recharged during normal operation. The lead from the antenna is co-ax,ie centre strand and braided shield.


technology –

Alok 15 November at Any software installation gpa undertake should be performed or supervised by a professional. Built in Patch Antenna Minimum signal tracked: From my garden it locks onto 8 satellites with SNRs between 25 and 43 in less than a minute after a days non use. Christopher Reeve 15 November at Then look at the text printed to the terminal when you plucgged in the device. Problems Hopefully you’ll cvti-b07 none, but if you do, here are the fvgi-b07 I encountered and how I solved or got around them.

As the wholesaler, Chinavasion provides the GPS-enabled hardware only, not the software. I have tried with at least 10 different drivers from Prolific even the one for win7 from their site and nothing! There it worked with GPSy but no maps for my city in Mexico.

An internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery sustains the internal clock and memory cvgi-b7 is recharged during normal operation. I see you have had a good experience with this GPS dongle.