Finally, if you have a radeon card then edit your yaboot. Supports only few screen resolutions. Adding extended input device “Power Button” type: Is there a point in using the fglrx version? You may hear the first fraction of a second of the sound. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. The xerver-xorg-video-ati and the fglrx.

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That is assuming you have a standard Ubuntu install on partition 3. The thread also contains some extra Xubuntu related fixes.


To test this out on an installed system use something like the following at the yaboot prompt: PowerPCKnownIssues last edited Start Up Machine After install and reboot only a blank black screen is displayed.

Ununtu the bug report.

Once booted and logged in, open yaboot. The xerver-xorg-video-ati and the fglrx. Patched webkit can be found here. The fan may not work using the alternate CD or mini iso ait is the same when installing Debian. No sound See this question in the troubleshooting section of the FAQ.


Ubuntu kernel frissités után nem indul |

Jul 28 If the boot didn’t resume with the ‘modprobe’ command then you may have to perform some additional steps. This should be fixed in I came to find out it radeoj blacklisted, so a couple hours later I finally decided to get a Radeon R based on user recommendations for my standard dual screen setup. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyUbumtu Policyand our Terms of Service.

You should also be able to boot using the Ati homepage drivers doesn’t work at all.

Does the Radeon R have triple monitor support for Ubuntu ? – Super User

If you have no Module section, make one like this: This is not an exhaustive list. Output TV using initial mode x [ Lightdm displays a blank screen when used with 8 bit pseudo colour A mouse arrow in the middle of a black screen – see bug also reported on the Debian bug tracking system here.

Through WINE i guess? Decided to switch over to Nvidia MX and even though it is a slower card it improved my performance by a huge amount.


October 9th, 1. Using the first Screen section. I know that the driver ATI has online won’t exactly work on Increasing the colour depth can improve things although not totally fix it.

Kerdes, hogy hogyan raktad fel a drivert? In addition to this, the start-up menus for some steam games like portal will feature a start menu which actually shows an in-game environment. Using the first Screen section. This will disable acceleration and take you into a Ubuntu 2D session.

To check, run in a terminal window: For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. I can not install drivers. Thu Feb 23 Wifi signal strength not shown See bug report.