It has been tested with GarageBand v4. I’m trying to install az controller on windows 10 but windows is blocking it. Would love a fix for this. In AZ Controller everything is re-programmable. Will a similar fix be made for the Tranzport, since it faces the same bluescreen problem? For now I’ll uninstall my ESET and try a system restore, but it’s a real shame that all driver development seems to have stopped for the Alphatrack. On top of that you also get remote control, so you’re not stuck to one setup or desk.

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This updated driver is only needed for users who want to use the new Logic plug-in for AlphaTrack. With that new lease on life, as it were, the AT still a pretty cool device, even if discontinued, and I highly recommend it if you’re on the fence! I’m still very much learning this thing at the moment. Send a private message to Shippo. If not, is the Presonus Faderport working for people with a similar system?

Is there a reason or fix for that? After installing the program choose Vista if you’re asked in which OS the installer worked before and copying the cn My name is Ed. At least not with 8 faders at once.


Frontier Alphatrack in Windows – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Frontier have stated on their site that they have no current plans to update the driver as they are working on new projects. The rest is explained here: Working fine with Studio one 3 Producer that’s expected.

I finally got my AlphaTrack today. Please note that I have not written the Windows driver for this device, only a replacement for Sonar plug-in. Look down at the bottom and you will see a “Key” called “Resources should be file-mapped” Look at the check box to the right wndows it the “value”.

It’s sooooo frustrating, as I love the AlphaTrack. Hi All Trying to get tranzport to work in windows 7. Powered by PunBB Currently installed 4 official extensions. KingsMix My Faderport is not working at all with sonar and windows The time now is There is a link to a comprehensive installation guide below.

Frontier AlphaTrack vs Faderport and Win 10 support

I’ve just had an issue with a relatively fresh install of 8. Some kind of lag sometimes. Is it lagging as well?

Forest of Dean, England Posts: Post if you have any issues: Working with Windows7 for a week or so i found out that you can make Alpatrack to work if you right-click on the installer icon and choose “troubleshoot compatibility” in the dropdown menu. Is it works in Studio one for Windowsso in the same Windows 10 you try to run Sonar?


Go back into Cubase and re-add the Alphatrack in devices. For now I’ll uninstall my ESET and try a system restore, but it’s a real shame that all driver development seems to have stopped for the Alphatrack. Users browsing this forum: This is the reason why I removed the AlphaTrack from my setup and will get something else to replace it.

Some issues have been down to user stupidness, but I have a couple issues that maybe other AlphaTrack users can advise with or Azslow3 might be able to advise. KingsMix tenfoot Faderport working perfectly in win10 here.

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Thanks for this, I got this to work but had a nasty crash BSOD on closing down Windows 7 bit, which resulted in rolling back over a week’s work wimdows the restore point just prior to the installation of the AlphaTrack bit driver as described.