Last year, I was at my grandparents house studying and on my laptop when suddenly their house phone rings. He called again later that afternoon to say they had received the card and that I would have my money back in a few days. Since he did not give me an answer, I hung up. I was hit by this scam several years ago, and fell for it. I uttered an oath, told him to stop scamming people and hung up on him.

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Here we show you how you can access files remotely on and from various device, including Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Told her to get a new lie. I love these calls and get about per week on our various rollover lines at work. He told me I must have done something wrong.

Some simple precautions after the event could help you feel less of a victim. May 1, at 5: Is there anything else I need to do before using the laptop again? Some cunning tricksters had bovus cloned my card at an ATM I had used and then treated themselves to a few things in an Apple store.

Got the same exact call from a bovus in NY. Now I’m just not sure how to make sure my computer and WiFi are safe. He gave me the name of his company – I typed it into Google immediately and I clicked on your web site.


‘Critical’ Microsoft Office hack uses fake Word documents to install malware – TechRepublic

The man who answered, “Edward,” spoke with a thick Indian accent, which actually made him sound legit. It was absoluutely slow day so I decided to jerk him around a little bit:.

I’m surprised I didn’t offer to help them spend the cash as well, get the job done properly. Microsoft Office users beware: Again, I told the guy Bogue don’t have a PC and hung up.

WPS warns of scam | News | WSAU

Finally I just asked him why he didn’t stop scamming and get a reputable job. On the first call I told him I didn’t have a computer and hung up. I did not call. I said I had never heard of McAfee offering that service.

How self-driving tractors, AI, and precision agriculture will save us from the impending food crisis. After explaining the situation to two or three people, I heard the most chilling phrase of all: We were getting these calls on a regular basis, and they knew the name of our 12 year old too. I really feel sorry for the people they scare into buying their “service” because they absolutel be very aggressive on the phone and if xbsolutely not aware of their tactics they will scare you into buying whatever they are “selling”.


Some customers have reported being told to purchase a prepaid debit or credit card in order to pay the false debt. With that he called me a “fg bd” and “to go to hell”! He insisted that he was from windows tech support and only there to help find errors. The phone number had an Indiana area code, but I suppose that is meaningless. After reaching your web page, I began reading your comments to him Sammy.

When they introduce themselves as “Rachel” or “Greg”, I tell them my name is “Prakash” or “Vishwanathan”. I’ve tried dozens of ways to get them to stop calling As I did this, he played a dial tone down the line, and then a ring tone, making me think it was a normal call. He said, yes ma’am, Washington.

WPS warns customers of surge in scam attempts in the Wausau area

This just happened to me yesterday with a fake virus warning that popped up on my laptop and it locked up and wouldn’t do anything. You might like to follow that with a malware scan. She was completely stumped! Firstly, there is abslutely dispute.