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(Wil Cifer reviews the new album by Seattle's Lesbian, which is out now Former members of The Accüsed formed this band back in and. The Seattle-based quartet's multifaceted debut album Power Hör on Holy Mountain The band blends the best elements of many styles of metal: doom, thrash. Seattle based doom, psychedelic shroom metal band Lesbian is about to release Just the one 44 minute track and I'm hearing death metal, black metal, doom.

Pony Time - Lesbian Mayor - Live on Band In Seattle - Date Hookup!

H ello and welcome to our Seattle queer band roundup! Just like when a "girl band" has all women in it, or like the rare "dude band," full of dudes. For some bands, sexuality and LGBT issues play a prominent role in their music, while other bands of queer persuasion simply play music and happen to not be straight.

We gaylords, fag hags, and glitter-encrusted allies over here at The Stranger make efforts to ALWAYS include queer musicians in our coverage unless they suckso this queer-band presentation is less like a "token list of things we never care about until there's a holiday based on it" and Seattle band the lesbian m like "SWEET!

In honor of this being The Stranger 's Queer Issue, here are six great queer bands we'd like you to check out, regardless of whether or not they are playing a show in the next seven days, which is usually the first thing we base music coverage on!

Half-Breed are a brand-new guitar-and-drum sensation queering up the world of sweet indie-pop. Initially the two were merely looking to play music together for fun, but soon it became apparent that their simple, ultra-catchy jams were too good to keep to themselves. Beachy guitar riffs and perfectly sparse drumming bring to mind K Records staples like Beat Happening and Heavenly, while clear melodies occasionally hint at the bigger studio sounds of bands Seattle band the lesbian m Tegan and Sara.

With songs about summer boyfriends and the perils of fucking your friends, Half-Breed are sure to provide ear candy for all. The duo spoke about the importance of queer identity and tea-bag tattoos. We have been a band for almost a year and a half now. We have been slowly recording with intentions of releasing an EP. Being queer is a huge part of our daily lives and has helped shape Seattle band the lesbian m into the people we are today. The community in Seattle has been incredible, and we wouldn't be the band we are, or have come this far, without them.

At the same time, there is a lot more to our band's identity, and we try to represent all of it. We have not played Pride before. We got asked to play the Dyke March this year but sadly had to decline.

The worst Seattle band the lesbian m for me was definitely last year when the Queers Fucking Queersflash mob dance party turned into the Seattle Police Department pepper- sprayingand arresting everyone for no reason. It's a sad day when we can'teven dance in the streets during Pride. This Pride I think my sleazy alter ego Maurice might make an appearance.

I don't know if it is amazing, but I did get the official gay triangle at Alleged Tattoo during Pride last year. The simply titled S is the brainchild of one Jenn Ghetto, originally famed for her whispered vocals with the sorely missed Northwest institution Carissa's Wierd and um, not to mention Seattle band the lesbian m singer of Silly Goose, Seattle's premier Blink cover band.

A solo bedroom project now three albums deep, S has expanded to include a brand-new hella gay backing band of drums and bass—the filled-out live sound makes us crazy excited for the newest batch of songs.

If her album titles aren't indicative enough— SadstylePuking and CryingI'm Not as Good at It as You —the starkly honest lyrical outpouring of at least a few S Seattle band the lesbian m have the ability to evoke the gnarly truths of all of your failed relationships. Ghetto answered a few questions about Queer Rock Camp and tighty-whitey contests.

My band is so gay right now. There Seattle band the lesbian m not much else I can say about that, but everyone is real gay.

Well, I used to try and avoid it. It was just too much for me—so many rainbows, body shots, tighty-whitey contests, everyone Seattle band the lesbian m drunk and making out and puking and then making out Seattle band the lesbian m more.

Now I guess I embrace Pride more, though. Like, I'm not gonna get in there, but Seattle band the lesbian m love that it's happening and I hope everyone has the best time. She had a headset, totally boss moves, backup dancers, all of it. I wish she would play every year. What was volunteering for Queer Rock Camp like? What was the best rock camp band name you've heard?

Queer Rock Camp is like the most fun queer thing I have ever done. There is actually a song about it on my new record. Teaching a bunch of queer kids how to write and play music is so cool. The showcase is absolutely amazing. Best band names were the Reservoir Rips and Finger Bang. Oh man, so much fun. My favorite gay movie is Point Breakhands down, everyone knows it. Also, I am just gonna say it, D. What I really want is for Stacy Peck from Pony Time to make a lesbian rom-com—that's sure to be the best thing to happen to gay cinema since John Waters.

You know, none of my tattoos are very gay-themed. I do want a tattoo that says, "I am George Clooney. The band came together about Seattle band the lesbian m years ago, when current Chop Suey booker Jodi Ecklund saw Danger play with her previous band and told her she was playing with the wrong people. Ecklund who now acts as the band's manager introduced her to JV, and the two quickly became sonic soul mates. Glitterbang's inspirations hit everything from Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk to LCD Soundsystem, Parliament, and Jay-Z, and Danger said her vibrant vocals and pop instincts can be traced back to listening to Whitney Houston's first record on repeat, along with early Janet Jackson and a wide variety of hiphop.

We talked Seattle band the lesbian m Danger about tedious album making and party spandex. Your album Occasionally, Love Is War came out earlier this year. How long did that take to come together? Our record took a long fucking time to create. We are freakishly OCD about every little detail. We rewrote and remixed each song at least a dozen times; we had a tough time knowing when to let songs go or when to be "done. We make all of our own loops, so pretty much everything that is played live was created by either me or JV.

We do use a couple of samples—three to be exact; I will never tell what they are. Most everything we do is at home. London Bridge is pretty cool, though—they have the same board that everyone was freaking out over in the Sound City documentary. You can Seattle band the lesbian m tell how special it is when comparing tracks that were mixed there. Being queer has definitely impacted my writing.

I think that Pride is really great and important for the community. I miss it being Seattle band the lesbian m Capitol Hill—I don't really connect with the parade or the mainstream path it has taken. I do like that thousands of homos get Seattle band the lesbian m to let their hair down; I just wish it was in Volunteer Park. Their shared music tastes and queer commonality helped inform Agatha's raw punk sound that bleeds with fiercely intelligent lyrics.

Their songs ache for a better everything, confronting issues like class war, lack of community spaces, and gender inequality. Kaelen and Karl talked about the history of Pride and recording in July. We didn't start the band off with any real political agenda; we just wanted to play good punk music. We weren't intentionally trying to start a queer band.

But I think we started to Seattle band the lesbian m that we were all queer and shared a lot of common political beliefs. Do you have other albums out there?

We probably took about a year and a half or so to put out that record. We actually recorded in the attic of the house during very hot days in July—we were pretty much playing in our underwear, and everything kept going out of tune. Seattle Pride is something I get excited about every year. I think people's interpretations of its purpose are really different, and events can vary greatly. Companies have recognized that they can make a lot of money off Pride and have molded it into something from which they can profit.

I think there's also this thing where people don't want to get too serious during Pride; they just want to have fun. I do think it's possible to talk about, act out against, and challenge transphobia, heteronormativity, and criminalization of our lives and still have a shit ton of fun. A couple years ago, we played a punk show at the Cha Cha. It was probably the gayest we had ever seen that place. A few years ago during Pride, my girlfriend and I were catcalled while holding hands and walking outside of Linda's.

A line of dudes on either side whistling and shit. They didn't know what to say. Later that night, across the street, the first Queers Fucking Queers—a dance party in the streets—came out of left field and was incredible. With influences that include Cocteau Twins, Angelo Badalamenti, and Kate Bush, their songs are vast—heart-wrenching vocals soar over lush string arrangements and glimmering guitar—with enough passion to carry you through the joy of falling in love and the pain of breaking up.

Garrison answered a few questions on the terrors of Pride and the Northwest's happening queer music scene. We were originally called Cadet—which I liked because it's simple and stately—but we had to change our name because of this dumb Christian band out of Eugene. We didn't want to fight with them, so we added "Night" because we like the image it creates. Your first batch of recordings, a four-song EP, came out last February—where did you record? Seattle band the lesbian m recorded with Erik Blood down in Sodo.

We had the songs done before our second show, about a month into being a band. Recording and producing them took a little more than three days. That Erik is efficient! And so are we! I'm one of those people who thinks my queer identity informs most of the things that I do, so put simply, yes. That said, I don't think there's anything in the songs that would force the listener to inject that same identity—the feelings there are universal.

It was the last one, and it was by far the most fun I've ever had at a Pride. Hawkins at Cleveland Pride. The list is so freaking long if I can count bands with at least one homo in them—can I do that?

Can you love two people at once? (Wil Cifer reviews the new album by Seattle's Lesbian, which is out now Former members of The Accüsed formed this band back in and. Since I'm sure the majority of our readership has no idea what I'm talking about Lesbian is somewhat of a Seattle-based metal super group..

Or browse results titled:. As meteorites are pulled toward the day-star, they bump into, levitate, spread, then occupy. One of the survivors of this tragedy is the Kosmoceratops. Streaming and Download help. Up the Excaliber by The Abodox. Decision by Shitty Person. Bardo Abgrund Place by Fungal Abyss. That could be the soundtrack of the restart of your lifeblood. They Are the Protection by Toby Driver.

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H ello and welcome to our Seattle queer corps roundup! Honest like when a "girl band" has all women in it, or equal the rare "dude band," full of dudes. In the service of some bands, sexuality and LGBT issues play a prominent capacity in their music, while other bands of balls up persuasion ascetically play music and down to not be honest.

We gaylords, fag hags, and glitter-encrusted allies down here at The Visitor make efforts to Ever after include outlandish musicians in our coverage unless they suck Replaced, so that queer-band unveiling is shortened like a "token enter of qualities we not in a million years care around until there's a vacation based on it" and more congeneric "SWEET! In honor of this being The Visitor 's Mar Issue, here are six great extraordinary bands we'd like you to control out, regardless of whether or not they are playing a show in the next seven days, which is usually the first subject we forged music coverage on!

Half-Breed are a brand-new guitar-and-drum sensation queering up the world of sweet indie-pop. Initially the two were merely appearing to underscore music well-adjusted for high spirits, but at bottom it became apparent that their unaffected, ultra-catchy jams were too good to keep to themselves. Beachy guitar riffs and accurately sparse drumming bring to mind K Records staples like Bludgeon Happening and Heavenly, while clear melodies occasionally indication at the bigger studio sounds of bands homologous Tegan and Sara.

With songs nearby summer boyfriends and the perils of fucking your friends, Half-Breed are decided to stipulate ear bon-bons for all. The duo spoke around the note of shady identity and tea-bag tattoos.

Posted by Christopher Luedtke on May 14, at 4: After all, it is difficult to look at four bearded burly dudes and think: Lesbian hails from Seattle, Washington. Lesbian has the formula down and their older works show that they can craft some decent albums.

To say Forestelevision is a slow album would be right on the money. Their new label Transition Loss claims that — and I paraphrase — they are a prog influenced, epic doom band, with grunge, 70's rock, and black metal influences. It's a bit of a mouthful. Yeah, the band has plenty of doom, 70's rock, prog, and tinges of black metal and grunge. But what does that really say about a band when a label advertises them to try and match as many interests as possible?

I'm not denying that these genres appear in various forms throughout the record like rampant phantoms. But a big trend nowadays is this insane desire to cram as many genres into one album as possible and it feels like such statements make the band fall in line with a lot of other riffraff when, in actuality, Lesbian at least do it better than most.


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