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More details on the community rules can be found here. I would love nothing more than to have a boyfriend who wants to suck my boobs every day - even if it doesn't lead to sex. It feels damn good. We've been together 7 years now. After 1 year I shyly told him about this fetish I have.

If I want my boobs sucked I have to initiate sex - he wouldn't just do it on its own. I've made it very clear how good it feels for me like I can orgasm and squirt from nipple stimulation if he actually does it for long enough - not that he often does.

I feel so much closer to him when he's suckling on me too, and he's said in the past that it makes him really relaxed. I know he enjoys it a bit of kissing and sucking is all it takes to get him near cumming. I just have no idea where I can go from here - I want my boobies sucked all day erry day! Do I broach this topic with him or does it sound like he's got the message and this is all he's comfortable with?

Thank you so much to everyone who's replied also RIP my inbox lol. As with like every relationship thing ever, more communication was the clear answer here!! I didn't bring up actual breastfeeding stuff as it's not a discussion we need to have any time soon we're not in the right situation right now to have milk production being something to worry Fetish nipple sucking, but who knows, maybe after kids But yes he's keen for more boobiez Fetish nipple sucking is awesome!

Hopefully he remembers this sometimes he'll do stuff for a while and then sort of forget over time. Another thing I'd love to clarify is people saying I am expecting him to do this for me while not wanting to give him any "benefits" too. Both of us get turned on by it in a sexual setting e. So I can definitely see this being a more Fetish nipple sucking thing without us both getting worked up over it, especially like when we're heading off to Fetish nipple sucking and stuff.

Thank you again to everyone who has replied - I really appreciate all your advice and it's given me some good stuff to consider! Men are generally direct. Next time you want your boobs sucked tell him. I have done this! I feel like I would happily have him keep going for a long Fetish nipple sucking though and I think it might get weird for him after a bit, or maybe he's just getting aroused and wants to move things along?

If I had such a direct line to pleasure for my girl you bet I would start and end with it and also the middle He's probably not fully internalizing how much you enjoy that, that you won't be Fetish nipple sucking and it's a sure fire tactic for pleasure.

If I had an orgasm turbo button I'd be slapping that thing like an old school arcade Fetish nipple sucking. Maybe, but if it's what you want then you need to Fetish nipple sucking that known. If he understands that you like it as much as you do For a simple comparison most guys would probably understand; having your breasts sucked on is as stimulating as a guy getting head. You too would like some dedicated focus.

Good analogy, however, I feel like a guy would get torn apart if he posted about wanting to get blown all day, especially if he didn't want to provide any kind of reciprocation to his girlfriend.

I could be wrong Fetish nipple sucking. Thank you, that's a brilliant analogy! I will definitely use that example when I bring it up with him: Be warned if you use that analogy be ready to give him head for 30min on a daily basis.

If your expecting 30min of daily nip sucking. He probably doesn't want to get fully torqued if Fetish nipple sucking not going to finish him off.

That kinda foreplay leaves a guy with blue balls. Maybe you can tell him directly that you'd love to get Fetish nipple sucking to sick for five straight minutes.

Clear instructions do help. Offer a BJ with the terms that he suck your nipples. Try it two ways, your pleasure first vs his pleasure first. Every gf I've been with I ask that if they want me to stick with one act then they need to finish me first. That way I have had my pleasure and it takes longer to rise to the occasion the second time.

Giving me time to please her with out the second brain taking over. The other way is to offer it as a reward. You can also reverse that and use it as a reward for you, "if I make you dinner-do your laundry- slay a dragon- can you suck my nipples as a reward" I'd with one gf exchange regular favours for sexual favours.

Also being direct if you haven't already do it in a serious conversation. Let him know how important it is to do it and for long periods of time drill the point home. Make it clear it's important yet be soft about it try to not be demanding.

Last resort, don't let him move on sexually until you've gotten what you need. Like a game, you need to collect all the key cards before the door opens Best advice with this method is Fetish nipple sucking forceful yet playful and make sure you're giving him just enough stimulation to keep it throbbing but also just enough that you're not distracting yourself. Fetish nipple sucking good woman that communicates especially sexually sadly in my experience is Fetish nipple sucking god dam unicorn.

A woman like you is Fetish nipple sucking to find, I always used to find myself sleeping with a GFs tit in my mouth. Most never seamed to mind. Not sure if this helps anything, but I Fetish nipple sucking like to suck tits, and my GF Fetish nipple sucking it too.

I've found a good position is: You're 7 years together. I don't think you can do any damage if you try to make this very very clear:. Maybe there is something I can do afterwards [blowjob] to compensate? I would probably instantly die if a girl told me I'm supposed to suck her breasts every day xD. Stimulating the breasts releases oxytocin by the way. This hormone is also called the "cuddle hormone" and indeed strengthens the connection.

And if you're a she, then you don't want to go to jail. That's the thing, I don't necessarily want it as foreplay - at the moment that's what it is, so he is always keen to move on to more peen-related activities. What I want is to just relax and have some boob action without it necessarily leading to more every time!

I guess the breastfeeding is sort of an extension of this And like I don't see him as a baby or anything like that, I'm not into that at all, but yeah I guess it's that nurturing side that thinks the whole milk thing is pretty hot haha.

That's great, however what you are saying is you want to have a sexually stimulating activity performed on you everyday, basically oral sex for your boobs, but you don't want to feel obligated to reciprocate despite the activity arousing your partner. Imo, if you want your partner to agree to an obligation towards you, it shouldn't be so one sided. Yup, and if the kink is to have it not be sexual, then initiating sexual things for him bj etc while not expecting reciprocation is necessary at other times.

We do both spend time on foreplay, but it takes me a while to get fully in the mood so maybe for me it's more being able to initiate this without feeling like I also wanna be jumped immediately? Could you give us a ruff idea of Fetish nipple sucking a regular sex session plays out in regards to foreplay and sex and how satisfied you both are with it. Ask if he's OK with just suckling you ever day or 4 times a week.

Fetish nipple sucking him your post if necessary. Make absolutely sure he understood completely that you would love to be suckled daily in a non sexual context for a long time.

If he'll do it, awesome. If not - well, at least you know then. Part of Fetish nipple sucking problem could be that your breasts arouse him and having an erection for half an hour isn't very comfortable. Maybe he could suckle after sex? Indeed, the milk thing is pretty hot. Awkward - but hot: I had an ex girlfriend tell me that it feels good when she breastfeeds her son. She didn't want to stop breastfeeding lol.

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It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for public of all genders and orientations. This is mostly a 'serious' community - posts and comments that sidetrack discussion will be removed and may result in a ban.

Posts that do not follow the posting guidelines in the FAQ will be automatically removed. Achievement posts and updates are not allowed.

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