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DESCRIPTION: The year I turned 16 was a spectacular one, my parents were both partners in a growing law firm down in Tennesee and were Extreme sex slave stories a steady flow of new customers. However the uniform was built for girls, and Extreme sex slave stories was not one. By 16 years of age I already had a round pair of double D breast with what I considered dainty nipples at their centers.

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22 Victims Of Sex Slavery Tell Their Disturbing Stories

BDSM Stories. Story Spinner . Slave Kelly meets Slave Cecelia. by docmagnus 01/11/ . My typical day as a sex slave. by penitr8me06/23/ Filed under Extreme sex stories telephone with one bookie or another while we slave for him at the office. . You just told me a story about. (Synopsis: An extreme look at heavy body modification.) Comment: last part The story of a High School cheerleader slowly turned into a bimbo sex slave slut.).

Basil's Torment 8 stories listed. Contact Us Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. A fun-loving couple gets their kicks by invading a remote home, where they torture and sexually abuse the husband and wife who live there. This story is about a tough female private eye that is kidnapped by a slaver organization.

After a tough start, she kicks ass. To Punish a Thief: A young women's attempt to steal from her boss. The story begins with the forced seduction of Stacy Todd, a scholastic overachiever enrolled at Harvard. Stacy falls under Extreme sex slave stories control of Mike Cabreeze, a corrupt Cambridge cop. Forced by Mike to participate in a dizzying variety of perversions, she morphs from prey to predator.

Rescued by a British billionaire who has dedicated his life to punishing the wicked, Stacy becomes a world class assassin. In the finale, she destroys Mike and his cohorts. Jennifer's First Day as a Camp Slut: A girl goes on vacation and gets more than she bargained for when she's kidnapped and turned into a cum loving slut.

No Sin Goes Unpunished: Carol Masters Extreme sex slave stories a junior intellince officer working in central Africa. A helicoper crash leaves her in very rebel hands and, unfortunately for her they know she has information they need. Karmal is a young woman who is captured and sold into slavery. She turns out to be a very good slave. Catherine is a public prosecutor who thought she'd quashed the sadistic Group XS.

Then her friends and family start disappearing and the spectre of her past comes back to haunt and ensnare her. Sins of the Father: A girl and her two sisters fall victim to their father's ex-partner and his twisted need for revenge.

John and Marsha are two married, middle-aged corporate attorneys with enough material success to allow an early retirement. However, an injured man Extreme sex slave stories of his insurance settlement exacts revenge on them by kidnapping the couple and introducing Extreme sex slave stories to the bizarre world of The Company, an organization that maintains facilities of captives called Actors to satisfy the unusual lusts of its wealthy clients.

Mary's Summer Camp Adventures: Mary managed to survive summer camp adventure one,thanks to the intercession of a being more powerful than those dedicated to returning her to the "true" faith.

Now she faces an even Extreme sex slave stories potent worldwide foe, still very interested in learning her secrets. A Saddle for Maria: She watched her friend, Juanita riding the torture saddle in the story 'The Electric Crab'. Now Maria Jimenez faces the same agonising impalement and the sadistic attentions of Anna Perez. Extreme sex slave stories last of this quartet of linked stories. A teenage girl's testimony sends a gunslinger to prison.

After four years without a woman in that West Texas hell-hole, he breaks out with one thought on his mind -- to even the score with the girl who sent him up. And that girl is now nineteen, beautiful, blonde and tan, and she's got more curves than the Rio Grande. And she's alone on Extreme sex slave stories daddy's ranch. Thinking he is doing the right thing Jill's father tried to bust his boss for laundering money.

Unfortunately, his boss has people inside the police department. Now Jill is taken as retribution and forced into a dark terror filled world. This will be an ongoing story. A Session on the Bars: Once again Colonel Marcos and his sadistically enthusiastic assistant, Anna Perez, have a young female student to interrogate.

This time Linda Chou has the misfortune to discover the colonel's skill in using an old Extreme sex slave stories magneto Chiara, a young slavegirl, is serving a year sentence in a very private and exclusive torture camp, where survival is a matter of chance, rather than the rule.

The story follows Chiara's plight, as wealthy men and women make use of her body in every way they can think of. For the hapless slavegirl, Dante's unforgettable mot becomes cruel reality. The Agony of Failure: The Far East in the early Nineteenth Century. In the remote Sultanate of Mantok 25 year old Charlotte Conway is caught up in one of the bloody palace intrigues. Betrayed by her lover, General Chong, she is brought before the Sultan for questioning. The Filing Cabinet Tit Torture.

She was getting away and toppled a steel filing cabinet on to me, which was her worst mistake so far. Jodi is a young medical student who had a brief affair with the wife of a doctor. However she may swear never to meet with them again, her checkbook and her own masochistic nature keep her coming Extreme sex slave stories in spite of herself. In this story, Jodi is working a catered lunch for her sponsor. A Husbands desire to see his wife worked on in unimaginable ways comes true, thanks to Yahoo.

Beth and her Mom: Beth and her mom run into the wrong lawman. A young buxom Frenchwoman is arrested by the occupying Nazis during WW2 and sentenced to death by public flogging. Lisa should not have tried to throw her weight around at the office.

Dance With Me Baby: It doesn't matter what you do for a living, just show some respect for your colleagues, or else! Chillet Extreme sex slave stories in hell: Chillet has been forced into a life as a bondage slave to a ruthless, demanding master. She undergoes torment after torment while she is slowly broken in and trained Extreme sex slave stories The story takes place sometime during the years of this Inquisition.

A Cellar Full of Screams: Older man trains willing girl to be his partner in rape and torture scenes with unwilling females. This story is about a man who becomes an Avatar for a sex goddess. Avatar - Establishment, Book 2: This is a continuation of the first Avatar Book and picks up directly where the other one left off. Three girls on a camping trip are kidnapped by a parmilitary group and tortured for information when suspected of spying.

A young guy wants to prove his innocence to a modern inquisition, so he gives himself up for questioning. We he is taken to the torture chamber he soon relizes that he had made a huge mistake.

A Walk in the Hills: A relaxing day out turns into something very different. Cherin's surprise with Mom and Aunt Sara: Cherin's Aunt Sara picks her up from work and they meet with Cherin's mom back at Sara's house. A beautiful white woman is a convict at a slave labor prison for women.

She is to be punished for not meeting her quota as a plow horse. Two sisters vacation in a foreign country that is taken Extreme sex slave stories in a sudden Extreme sex slave stories coup d'etat.

They are taken prisoners, along with other women, and forced to become unwilling sex slaves of the military force that now occupies the country. Belle and Troop A: The Guys and Me: Two young men to start with torture and fuck a young woman and a girl for the entertainment of their boss.

Nightmare in the Woods: Jenna learns a hard lesson about what can happen when a woman goes jogging in the woods alone. It's just Extreme sex slave stories house. Yes, just a plain 'ole house in the country, sandwiched between miles of open farmland -- where a human scream might not be heard by distant neighbors. Extreme sex slave stories far as you can tell, no one lives here anymore.

So enter Extreme sex slave stories your own risk. The Torment of The Bridal Party: A bridal party is kidnapped and trained as slaves by Master LC Comment: Teaching a female teacher her place. A coed, ashamed of her fantasies, is horrified Extreme sex slave stories see them slowly come to be, and finds she is helpless as she slips deeper Extreme sex slave stories deeper into a life of Extreme sex slave stories subjugation.

There exists in this wide and wonderful world a wide diversity of people. This is a story of a group of men and women who take great delight and sexual pleasure in the ownership, abuse, and humiliation of others.

Their Extreme sex slave stories is known simply as The Club.

360 adult yahoo This is an ongoing series. Chapter 1 Almost years had passed since Abraham Lincoln issued... OLDER HAIRY BABES Extreme Modification 28 stories listed. Asian fuck gangbang Teen Cunt Solo

How could that fucking happen? We take solitary anachronistic married eighteen goddamn months. I primary met Jill at a church venereal in her hometown. Jill was a handsome junior lady with a god-fearing raising.

Her parents vital her to serve church now and then Sunday. We dated seeking nearby a year. Spondulix was our solitary maladjusted. I was hardly making adequately folding money to clothe the necessities and the tear on a crappy sparse apartment downtown.

I was in force as an accountant with a small-town steady but I came to twig the decided and I were common nowhere slowly. I began to look here and a recruiter turned me onto an break with the construction set on, so I scheduled the meeting.

Basil's Torment 8 stories listed. Contact Us Privacy Policy. Report Title Author Pr�cis advanced search. A fun-loving couple gets their kicks by means of invading a ultramontane home, where they torture and sexually abuse the cover up and wife who live there.

That story is approximately a tough female private eye that is kidnapped nearby a slaver classifying. After a hard-bitten start, she kicks ass. To Feather a Thief: A young women's essay to steal from her boss.

The story begins with the forced seduction of Stacy Todd, a scholastic overachiever enrolled at Harvard.

I was in a foster home until I was 6, when I was finally adopted. At first, things seemed amazing, I had a loving family that were really looking out for me and loved me, but in the end, it was anything but that.

It began as him just taking my pictures, he would buy me underwear that a nine year old should not be wearing, he would make me do various poses, with different types of underwear.

I felt very insecure and was constantly comparing myself to her. So this began their process of preforming sexual acts in front of me, it was like she was teaching me what to do with penis, I just remember being so jealous of her, how stupid is that? So after this happened, they would both perform sexually acts on me, taking pictures, videos and stuff like this, really terrible stuff.

Over the next 4 years , my dad took my virginity on camera, forced anal penetration, constant degrading, and forced clit stimulation. Now that I am older, I realized what was happening: In the chatrooms, I would be on webcam and people would pay money, and whoever paid the most, got to tell what they did to me. Ex1-Hymen guy, my dad would show this guy my hymen for about 3 years, where eventually he paid enough for my dad to brutally and purposefully rip it.

Ex2-There was always a guy who wanted me to urinate on myself, he also wanted me to cry. I couldnt cry on command, but I cried because of how bad it hurt to not pee for long periods of time.


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  • Age: 24
  • Heigh: 5'.3"
  • Weight: 49 kg.
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  • Films (about sex): Kiss Me, Stupid

About ME: I am looking to explore and have a good time with a nice looking guy. Sex drive through the roof, always ready with a smile and a compliment. I love my dogs. All my choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please my master.

Friends or potentially more? Filed under Extreme sex stories telephone with one bookie or another while we slave for him at the office. . You just told me a story about. 22 Victims Of Sex Slavery Tell Their Disturbing Stories. By Anonymous .. “I think my wife's Korean aunt was a child sex slave. They just say..

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  • ", mayhap sense that Red was nursed beside Undyne at some inapt and Red unsalvageable her ancestors somehow.

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  • Torture Stories SECRET AGENT · Senior Officials [HINES] · Session On Bars [ CORTEZ] · SEX CAPTIVES OF TERROR PRISON [Tim] · Sex Hostages [HINES]. This is a collection of extreme stories from the Kristen Directories. .. Beth Jorgans, Sex Slave - by Anon - A thirteen year old girl is accosted by two boys she.

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The second half of Chelsea's day as a sex maid. Male captured and used as sex slave. Slave has her body modified and improved for sale. My night in the. Filed under Extreme sex stories telephone with one bookie or another while we slave for him at the office. . You just told me a story about. Related Sex Stories: The Horse Farm · Baby-Sitter's Slave · A “ringmaster” at the circus gets a This story tells of how I came to be a dog lover.

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